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SOLD OUT for 2011

Poulet Rouge Chicken

2012 CSA shares for Poulet Rouge free range organic chickens will be available starting January 1, 2012. There will be a price increase from 2011 prices but any new members who pay prior to January 31st and any returning members who pay prior to March 31st will be able to purchase at 2011 prices. Contact us at 815-477-8978 for details.

Walkup Heritage Farm in Crystal Lake has Free- Range Heritage Poulet Rouge chicken meat in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) format.

Poulet Rouge is a French breed designed for free range conditions. They are often referred to as “Freedom Rangers” (for the Francophobes).

Conventional Cornish Rock crosses are used for most all other chicken meat in the United States. Such chickens grow very quickly, develop huge breasts and are eventually unable to move around. Poulet Rouge breed matures more slowly with a more balanced shape, longer breast and are able to forage normally. This results in a tastier meat and better life for the chicken.

2011 Chicken CSA Prices (Based on a 20 week Share):

SOLD OUT for 2011 - enroll by January 31st for 2011 prices in 2012

Full Share: 1 Chicken per week $320 ($16/ea)
Half Share: 1 Chicken every other week $170 ($17/ea)
Quarter Share: 1 Chicken per month $108 ($18/ea)

All chickens are fed certified organic feed from the second day of life and forage on organic pasture. Meat CSA customers are offered preferred placement on our organic egg CSA wait list and discounts on fresh produce from our farm stand.

Egg Shares are SOLD OUT for 2011

Call 815-477-8978 to subscribe.

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