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Heirloom Rose Garden

Heirloom Rose Garden

Peony In the center of the horseshoe driveway is a rose garden featuring heirloom roses, which is currently undergoing development. Two additional areas are planned on either side which will be in "crescent moon" shapes, also featuring heirloom roses.

Further toward Walkup Road is a peony garden started by Ada Walkup when she and John M. moved back onto the property in 1942. She probably brought the peonies from the other property down the street so they likely go back to the early 1900's but we know that these particular plants date from at least the early 1940's. Plants taken from this area are also for sale in the shade hoop structure. Under the previous owners, walnut trees had been allowed to take root and had shaded out many of the peonies. We are in the process of restoring that area and will be adding other types of heirloom peonies in addition to the "Old Farm Peonies" that are present now.

Butterfly GardenFurther towards Walkup Road is the "Butterfly Garden". If you look carefully you will see that the rocks are laid out in the shape of a monarch butterfly. It has been planted with heirloom annuals in reds, orange, white and other colors reminiscent of the coloration of the monarch butterfly. Many butterflies frequent this garden in the summer months.Butterfly Garden

To the left side of the driveway as you are facing Walkup Road is a split rail fence fronted by orange daylilies. The area on the other side of the fence is being developed into a native tallgrass prairie. When completed, it will feature walking paths through the prairie and possibly a reconstructed wooden windmill in the center.



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